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Expanded metal can be used to reinforce security doors, stairs and flooring; replace missing machine guards; secure tools and make patio furniture.

The Expanded Metal Manufacturer's Association describes it as "...sheet or coil metal slit and stretched into a non-raveling unit of uniform-size diamond-shaped openings.
The metal is available in various thicknesses with different opening sizes, from micro mesh to grating."

Expanded metal can be combined with wrought iron to make security doors and windows. It is used to block the area between wrought iron door elements to prevent anyone from unlocking the door by reaching through the bars.
The diamond-shaped openings allow a full view of anyone at the door, making it easy to distinguish friends and family from intruders before allowing them inside.


Machinery Guards
Expanded metal combines with an angle-iron frame to cover machine belts and other danger zones. It can be used to make replacement covers for fans or other spinning parts.

Patio Furniture
Expanded metal can be used to make chair seats and backs and tabletops. The open design ensures that expanded metal patio furniture will dry quickly, making it a good choice around pools.
Once you add a set of cushions with mold-resistant, waterproof covers, expanded metal furniture is just as comfortable as other patio furniture.

Floors, Stairs, Platforms and Domes
Expanded metal can be welded over iron stairs to create a non-skid surface. It is useful over car wash drains or as sewer covers.
Its strength and lightweight quality make it ideal for scaffolds, ramps and fire escapes. The Expanded Metal Company recommends using it to create domes and curves and as reinforcement for plaster walls.

Expanded metal Applications

Architectural Panels Billboard Walkway Catwalks
Stairs   Drying Racks   Fencing
Gratings   Flooring   Grilles
Vents   Enclosures   Security Partitions
Panels   Screens   Reinforcement
Railings   Ramps   Walkways
Window Guards   Anti-dazzle Screens    

Expanded metal is used in many industries that include agriculture , transport , mining , marine , security , manufacturing , fabrication , utilities and construction .

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