Fences and Machine Fences

شبك ممدد للأسوار

‎The addition of expanded metal machine guard fencing can effectively prevent‏
‎mechanical injury accidents when personnel approach the machinery.‏

تستخدم مقاسات خاصة من الشبك الممدد لحماية العاملين وخطوط الانتاج لتمنع حدوث كوارث او حوادث بالاضافة انها تعمل  على دخول الهواء عبر الفتحات بالسلك ومنع دخول قوارض قد تعرض الماكينة للاتلاف

What Is a Machine Guard?

A machine guard is a safety feature designed to create a physical barrier around moving machine parts that have the potential to cause workplace injuries. Industrial machinery that presents a mechanical hazard is required to have machine guards in place. These guards protect anyone in the vicinity from flying sparks, crushed fingers, lacerations, and amputations.

Materials: It is Manufactured from lockforming quality galvanized steal
conforming to B.S 2989 (astm A527-71) with zinc coating of 275 gm/m

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