Control Joint

وصلات تمدد

يساعد في تخفيف ومنع التشققات عند عمل محاره او بياض لاسطح ذات مساحات واسعه كما يمكنها ان توفر اسس سليمه لضمان سمك المحاره وتنتج وصلات التمدد اما ذات تشكيل واحد او تشكيلين

Control Joint Beads v & vv Types assists in relieving stress in large plaster areas by
reducing to a series of smaller segments. Aids in the control and relief of stress concentrations
in large plaster areas for Exterior Portland cement plaster

IT Designed to minimize the plaster cracking and to allow movement in the plaster. Control
Joint Bead overcomes movement tolerances in plaster Expansion / Control joints provide
excellent expansion control for both walls and ceiling and offers positive locking of the
stucco to the edge of the joint.


  • Manufactures from Galvanized Steel have zinc coating according to British standards (BS-En10142)
  • Material ASTM A653 M and manufacturing according to ASTM C1063
  • Length according to customer’s requirements
  • The product is safe for health and the environment

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